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In providing superior quality services, we are guided by the Profile Philosophy… Our philosophy is based on the principle that security is an investment, which in return must contribute meaningfully, to long term profit. We are able to actualize this by becoming an integral partner in your risk management team. 

As a result, we’re in a position to fully understand your security requirements and, thus be in a better position to foresee and reduce risk, thereby contributing towards establishing a secure and safe working environment, where productivity thrives, your assets are secure and your profit better protected.

PROFILE SECURITY SERVICES is a limited liability company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission; with registration number RC 306789 and licensed to operate a Private Guards outfit in line with the Private Guards Company Decree of 1986. 
We are professionals in preventive and protective security services and risk management.

We’re a Company whose main objective is to provide a high level of expertise in the Nigerian Security Industry. Thereby providing it with security related consultation services, high-tech security related products, services and Security Officers who have been trained and registered by regulatory authority.



Our services cover a wide range of options to fulfill the needs of organizations and individuals. Our areas of services include Guards’ services, Coverage of special occasions, Workshops and seminars, Installation and maintenance of security systems, Central alarm monitoring services (P-CAMS), Mobile patrol services and Security consultancy services.

Our comprehensive service portfolio includes:


Site Management/Policy Enforcement : Wherever possible, security teams dedicated to the client are structured to provide on-site management, thus ensuring continuity, responsibility and accountability. Also we enforce all applicable corporate security policies – particularly those dealing with,

  • Access control
  • Personnel identification
  • Documentation procedures for removal of materials from facility
  • Handling of visitors and employees
  • Traffic control
  • Emergency procedures, and
  • Safety procedures.

Guard Services: Security guards and personnel are like front office receptionists; they are the first to receive and greet your clients and the last to bid them goodbye. To this end, they must project your image and the image of your company very well. At Profile Security Services, we understand this well, hence the training of our guards is based on a solid foundation backed by experienced instructors and supported with up-to-date equipment. All potential guards in our Training Academy are security vetted. 
After rigorous training, our guards graduate to become security and protection specialists such that when the time comes to react, it’s an automatic response.
As backup for our guards in the field, we operate a 24-hour patrol system with radio network. At all times there is a radio operator in our headquarters to take down messages from locations every hour and also responding to any emergency at any location. 

Coverage of Special Occasions / Special Assignments: We provide guards to cover special occasions such as:

  • Annual General Meetings,
  • Conventions
  • Foundation Laying Ceremonies
  • Launchings
  • High Level Weddings.
  • These guards Ensure protection of personalities and properties.
  • They also control access to venues, ensure free flow of traffic and security of vehicles.

Drawing on our vast reservoir of retired personnel from all the security services, the Undercover Special Intervention Force (SIF) provide discreet security services of a Pro-active security nature. Our Clients find our threat identification, threat neutralization and trouble-shooting skills invaluable in this regard.

Mobile Patrol Services: This involves our operations team making spot checks (inspection and assessment) on your in-house security officers, at agreed intervals. Follow-up recommendations are made to your management on our observations. Patrol will be carried out solely by our patrol teams without involving your personnel. This will afford you the opportunity to compare reports from us and your supervisors on a regular basis. The charges for this service is dependent on the number of agreed visits per month.

Workshops And Seminars: We organize seminars and workshops for various bodies on security consciousness. Such seminars and workshops border on personal / personnel security, documents/information security, vehicle security and access control. Guest speakers are invited from specialized bodies, such as The Nigeria Police, and State Security Services. 

Profile Central Alarm Monitoring Service (P-CAMS): This is a sophisticated, computerized alarm network designed to link residences, offices, banks, warehouses, project sites etc, by wireless radio, to our central receiving and monitoring station installed at our headquarters. This very affordable central alarm reporting system lets the subscriber promptly report armed attack/robbery not through the telephone but through our wireless network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for swift response, just at the press of a button.

  • Our Response Teams, working with the Police, are promptly dispatched to your residence or office in times of danger.
  • This time conscious service is in operation to protect our clients against a crime trend we are beginning to notice in Abuja. The trend involves well-armed robbers, gaining access into homes and offices, scaling walls, cutting burglary bars, disabling telephone lines prior to burglarizing businesses and homes. There is a need for this alarm system for your head office complex and senior executives’ residences.

Our Portfolio

As a security company providing services of international standard, Profile Security Services has a defined clientele-base which includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Abuja Commodity and Exchange Plc.
  • National Action Committee on Aids (NACA)
  • Incorporated Trustees (NNPC The Presidency)
  • National Sports Commission.
  • Surveyor General of the Federation
  • Nursing And Midwifery Council of Nigeria
  • Federal Ministry of Housing And Urban Dev.
  • The High Commission of the Republic of South Africa.
  • Nigeria – Sao Tome & Principe¢ Joint Dev. Authority.
  • The Society for Family Health
  • Water Aid Nigeria
  • Action Aid Nigeria
  • Nana Oil Investment
  • Heritage Press Ltd.
  • CCC International Eng. Nig. Ltd.
  • Esteem International School
  • Media Technologies